Rare elements !

Palladium - the mind-altering substance that makes Michael Barrymore think he has talent

Euphonium - the sub-atomic particle that carries text messages from mobile to mobile

Millennium - a large dome-shaped vacuum that decays completely after twelve months

Opium - the hallucinogen in poppies that killed millions of soldiers on the battlefields of France

Belgium - the flattest substance known to man, even more so than week-old lemonade

Cranium - the chemical in the brain that pensioners with Alzheimers gradually lose

Planetarium - only nine of these molecules exist, although they are rather large

Geranium - the brown substance in soil that makes weeds grow faster than other plants

Stadium - whatever they built Wembley out of that's made it so hard to knock it down

Pandamoanium - aphrodisiac for large Chinese mammals

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