Caspian/Black Sea Caviar. Beluga Malossol 000
Russian Caspian/Black Sea Caviar. Beluga Malossol 000.
The 000 stands for the international Beluga Caviar standard of exceptional quality .
The large size of the eggs, a light-to-dark gray color and delicate buttery flavour are without equal.
Beluga 000"Malossol" Caviar
Extremely mild, buttery flavour. These large pearly grains are produced from Beluga (Huso huso), the largest member of the sturgeon family. Connoisseurs find the taste "exquisitely delicate, soft, and smooth, with a hint of sweetness to a slight nutty flavour." These grains are the most prized berries of the sea! Beluga 000 caviar ("ikra" in Russian)
Beluga 00 "Malossol" Caviar
Considered the finest food delicacy ever to have been discovered, the Beluga Roe is the largest of the sturgeon family. Beluga caviar color ranges from a slate to dark gray and its grains have a mild buttery flavour.
Classic Grey Sevruga
This select Sevruga caviar (Latin name: Acipenser stellatus) is light-gray and has a smooth aromatic and savory taste. The grains are slightly larger than regular Sevruga.
Sevruga caviar has distinguished smooth, buttery flavor. Its fine grains are of a slate-gray to black color.
Osetra Imperial Golden
The rarest kind of Osetra caviar (Latin name Acipenser gueldenstaedtii) The Osetra Sturgeon is slightly smaller than the Beluga, weighing 50-80 lbs.
It has a pleasing nutty flavour with a firmer texture than the more delicate Beluga.
Its glowing colour varies from warm brown to a greenish-gray, with a pleasingly firm grain. Harvested from Ossetra sturgeon of between 100 and 400 pounds which reach maturity at 14 years.
Osetra Prime "A"
This exclusive caviar is characterized by large golden-brown grains and full, nutty flavour. caviar.
Osetra Royal Black "B"
Royal Black Osetra is a Malossol with a dark and rich color and incredible flavour. Very low salt and subtle sweetness make it a perfect caviar.
Osetra caviar has large to medium-size grains. It has a unique clean, crisp, "nutty" flavor and varies in colour from golden yellow to dark brown. Many consider it the best tasting caviar of all.
Pacific Salmon Roe "Keta"
"Keta" Salmon Caviar is the select roe of Alaskan Chum Salmon. This Pacific salmon roe ranges from medium to large in size, has golden-orange colour and a superior taste and quality.
Black American Sturgeon
A small cousin of the Caspian Sea sturgeon, this caviar from the American Sturgeon originates from California. It is smaller and ranges in cooler from dark gray to black. Beautiful in appearance and very consistent in size and shape, this caviar has a subtle brine and silken flavour.
The characteristics of California sturgeon pleases both the eye and the palate.
- Colour consists of a dark egg with a lighter olive toned mottling.
- Flavour is smooth and rich with a clean, pleasant aftertaste.
- Bite is medium firm giving a buttery feeling. Not too "poppy" and not too soft.
- Egg size ranges from 3.3. to 4.0 mm.
Black Bowfin Caviar
Bowfin, better known by its Cajun name "Choupique" is not related to, but is even more ancient than the sturgeons. This bony fish yields a black roe with a distinctive lively flavor and makes a good, less expensive substitute for sturgeon caviar.Bowfin Caviar is firm and shiny with natural black eggs resembling sturgeon caviar. Clean and nicely separated berries have a distinctive, lively flavour.
American Sevruga - Paddlefish Caviar "Malossol"
This caviar is harvested from the American Paddlefish and resembles the Sevruga Sturgeon grade of the Caspian Sea, although the size of the roe can be slightly smaller. This roe can range in color from dark gray to black. Paddlefish caviar offers the consumer genuine caviar at an affordable price - less than half the price of the equivalent imported grade.
Sturgeon Hackleback Caviar
Beautiful glistening black eggs of this best caviar are firm and have an intense, nutty taste.
Golden Caviar
Golden whitefish is native to the Great Lakes of North America. The natural golden colour and small, crisp grain of this caviar adds splendor to recipes or can be appreciated au natural.
Salmon Roe "Alaska"
This red-orange roe comes from the most prized Pacific "Chum" salmon. Its giant natural-coloured succulent eggs are surprisingly mild. Best served with sour cream or cream cheese.
Salmon Roe "Canadian"
Canadian salmon roe has very appetizing, large translucent grains that are red-orange in colour.
Iranian Imperial 000
Imperial caviar is produced by the rarest and most nature Ossetra sturgeon. Full, nutty flavored, medium sized grains, firm texture with golden colour; Imperial caviar is the connoisseur's caviar.Iranian caviar is considered by Epicureans to be most exquisite delicacies in the World. Iranian Caviar maintains its position on the international market as the best kind of caviar.
According to studies, the southern part of the Caspian Sea, which belongs to Iran, is free from environmental pollutions that can affect Iranian caviar.
Iranian Asetra 000
This caviar has a slightly nutty flavour and has brownish or charcoal gray grains normal in size.
Iranian Sevruga 000
Dark-gray to light-gray in colour grains of normal size have a fine, delicate aroma. Corporate buyers such as airline and cruise ship operators prefer Iranian Sevruga
Iranian Beluga 000
Particularly large grain of light-gray color which is exceptionally rare and precious.
Iranian Beluga 00
Medium-gray grains, large with delicate skin and aromatic gentle nutty flavor. Very coveted.
Farmed Osetra Caviar "Malossol", France
This fresh product comes from Siberian sturgeon raised on French aquafarms that operate in conformity with the regulations relating to animal welfare, health and the environment. Characterized by large grains ranging in colour from grey to golden brown, this caviar is appreciated for its delicate nutty flavour which lingers on the palate.
Farmed Osetra Caviar "Malossol", Uruguay
This fresh product comes from Caspian osetra's sister - Siberian sturgeon raised on an aquafarm in the Rio Negro area just 275 km from Montevideo, Uruguay. The farm was created in 1995 with the help of Russian biologists and farmers. Characterized by medium-sized grains ranging in colour from grey to golden brown, this caviar is appreciated for its delicate nutty flavour which lingers on the palate.


1. Hand-carved Mother of Pearl spoons, knives, forks and plates are the traditional accoutrements used to serve caviar. Any other type of tableware would alter the taste of caviar and distract from its natural flavour.

2. Remove caviar from the refrigerator 15 minutes before eating. The lid should be removed only at the last moment.

3. The ideal presentation is to offer the whole tin on a bed of crushed ice. Allow at least 50 grams ( 2 oz.) per person. It should be spooned onto a chilled plate with care taken not to break the grains, which would make it oily. It should be eaten with a fork.

4. You can accompany caviar with pieces of bread that have been lightly toasted (to preserve softness) and then quickly filmed with butter. Don't use commercially made toasts or crackers because they are too hard and dry.

5. A small glass of iced vodka is the ideal companion. It is very important not to spoil your palate with anything but the most pure vodka. It is a matter of personal taste whether you drink champagne with caviar but many think that it is too "sweet" in itself, with too much of its own flavour and that it will distract your palate from the taste of caviar.

6. Many people swallow caviar whole, but to fully appreciate the flavour you should "burst" the eggs with the tip of your tongue against your palate to release the flavour in your mouth.

7. Unopened, a container of fresh caviar may be kept in the refrigerator for up to 8 weeks. Once opened, it is highly perishable and should be eaten right away. Never keep caviar in a freezer.

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