X-Rated Movies Sex video-mart
Life Sucks I Fuck Less!
I have a large penis I please her vagina
President Clinton of the USA To copulate, he finds interns
Catholicism Comical Shit
Masturbation Anatomist Rub
Anal retentive A latrine event?
I have a large penis He is plain average
The traveling salesman Vaginas: enters them all!
The menstrual cycle My cunt creates hell!
Axl Rose Oral sex
Large breasts Great braless
Husband and wife Fun was had in bed
The ménage àtrois A giant threesome!
Sleeping together Get their legs open
Feeling romantic Flaming erection!
Kissing couples Spouses licking
Man + penis + Viagra Sperm in a vagina
Mother-in-law Woman Hitler
The earthquakes That queer shake
Debit card Bad credit
Slot machines Cash lost in 'em
School master The classroom
Eleven plus two Twelve plus one
Dormitory Dirty room
Punishment Nine Thumps
Desperation A rope ends it
The Morse code Here come dots
Snooze alarms Alas! No more Zs
A decimal point I'm a dot in place
Astronomer Moon starer
Fir cones Conifers
The eyes They see
Payment received Every cent paid me
Conversation Voices rant on
The public art galleries Large picture halls, I bet
Election results Lies let's recount
Halley's Comet Shall yet come
The Hurricanes These churn air

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