Harry Matthews

1951 Bently Mk VI
I bought this car from P&A Wood in Essex in 2005.It was nicknamed by my boys as "The Grey Lady"
Which ment that whilst I owned it I had two Grey Ladies in my Life. I am not sure which I loved the most !
It was in near concours condition due to the previous owner spending nearly £55,000 on it and therefore I just drove it.
She was a lovely smooth ride but due to having semaphore indicators and no wing mirrors it was not easy to drive.
After a five year ownership I was offered more that it cost me, so it was reluctantly sold to a collector in Germany.

1966 Mercedes 220 Seb
The leather interior was a turquoise blue the same colour as her favorite shoes.
The year after she bought it her husband bought her a blue suede coat to match.
The car was on show in a museum in Ireland which was forced to close by the Irish Tax man.
I did some cosmetic work before selling it to a Doctor in the Midlands in 2015

1963 Jaguar MK 10
I bought this car from Perrcival Motor Company.I always hankered after a Jaguar MK 10 since I was a boy.
It was fully restored in 2008 and I have done only servicing since I bought it in 2016.
It has a 3.8 ltr engine. Triple SU carbs.

I have also collect Car Grille badges and tax discs for the last 50 years, mainly from removing before selling my cars.
I have around 50 badges and 30,000 tax discs as at Aug 2018

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