McLean of Duart

The name Maclean derives from the galic "MacGille Eoin", meaning "son of the servant of St. John". The Macleans decended from "Gillean of the battle axe" who fought at the battle of Largs where King Haakon's troops were defeated, ending the Norse rule over the Hebrides in 1263.

Gillean's great-grandson Iain Dhu Maclean settled in Mull, and his sons are ancestors of the MacLeans of Duart, Maclaines of Lochbuie and Macleans of Ardgour and Coll.

The growing power of the Cambells in the sixteenth century led to conflict. Inter-clan marriage was a useful way of peacemaking but they did not always work. Lady Elizabeth Cambell's marriage to the chief Lochan Mclean was unhappy, so he marooned her on a rock, leaving her to drown. She was recued returned to her clan and Lachan was killed by her brother in 1523.

Sir Lachan Maclean called his clan out to support Charles 1. His sonHector took up the cause and was killed in battle in 1651

Two successive child heirs left the estates heavily in debt, and by the 1679 the Cambells had gained possession of most of the Maclean lands.

Duart Castle was reclaimed by the chiefs in 1911. and restored as their seat.>

The present chief's father was created a life peer as Lord Maclean of Duart.<

The clan motto is


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